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The joy of life is offspring: children & grandchildren and all their variety.  I have not posted much on this blog in the last two weeks as I have been in California with four of the eight grandchildren. (more…)

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Today was a sad day.  The MET opera, watched live in a quiet and safe place, Coquitlam east of Vancouver, BC, was Aida.  Yet the national tragedy of the twenty-eight deaths in Connecticut overshadowed the tragedy of the opera.  (more…)

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Capriccio is the final opera by Richard Strauss.    He wrote it during the Second World War.  How, you ask, could he write this light piece during terrible times? (more…)

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Pictured below are three of my nine grandchildren.  The two boys and I were in Las Vegas this weekend.  We spent a fortune at the toy store in Caesars Palace on puppets, games, and dragons.  Then to watch the fountains at the Bellagio where they played the song I am proud to be an American to the dancing waters.  The oldest boy opined: that is a great song and a great fountain, I am lucky to be an American.  And I concurred. 

While in Las Vegas I read the local newspaper which reported that Barack Obama has been endorsed by Harry Reid who, as we know, is pro-mining.  And I wondered about the events that occur every four years, namely MinExpo and the presidential election.  Recall that in September in Las Vegas is the biggest mining get-together for which InfoMine is even now busy preparing a booth, and a special edition of the magazine Mining.com.  (Still time to get an advert into the special edition if you contact our salepeople.)


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