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Spent the past two weeks with the kids and grandkids.  The past week at a cottage on the sea south of Campbell River, the salmon capital of the world.  Now I have more salmon filets in the freezer than I can eat.

Tomorrow a seven am flight to Fort McMurray and the real world of mining–and maybe blogging.

Meanwhile a few pictures to pass the time and celebrate to passing of summer and imminent fall.






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An ordinary weekend preceding a Monday holiday.  And yet extraordinary if you think hard about it. (more…)

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As I sit at home looking after four grandkids and simultaneously getting mining work done, I give thanks for the Wii and XBox 360.  They are excellent babysitters.  At least for the three boys.  (more…)

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In most neighborhoods there is a park.  In most parks there are scores of kids being entertained by their mothers.  In the wealthier parts of town, the kids are running free as their immigrant nannies chat to each other or spend time on their cell phones to Latin America.  Often you will see a grandmother or grandfather, like me, doting on the grandkids as they run the playground.  (more…)

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These are the aquariums that I recommend you take your kids to visit: 

  • In Stanley Park in Vancouver is a large aquarium that specializes in the British Columbia Coast.
  • In Chicago near the lake is a huge aquarium that is always abuzz with kids.
  • Long Beach, California has the newest aquarium with whale skeletons spanning the entire structure.
  • Monterey, just south of San Francisco and a block down from Cannery Row has the best display ever of jelly fish.
  • San Pedro is my favorite.  It is small and parochial. Informal and untidy.  It is somewhere on a forgotten beach on the Palos Verde peninsular south of Los Angeles, if you can find it.  (more…)

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There may be a KOA in Las Vegas. I have never used it. Instead take the kids to one of those hotels on the strip. My grandkids like the Excalibur with its turrets and towers and fake knights in armor. They thrill at going down to the basement where there is a kids’ wonderland of games, 3-D movies, prizes, and action. The boys can shoot at moving targets; the girls angle fishing roads at plastic fish floating by on a revolving stage. Then one of the girls takes up the gun and with sure aim hits to win a prize. The boys hang their heads in shame and demand more coins to try to beat this budding Annie Oakley. (more…)

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The easiest way to start kids off in that most entertaining pastime, cooking, is to buy one of those pre-prepared pizzas.  Take the kids to the grocery store and let them help choose the frozen pizza.  Get them home and get them involved in removing the wrapping, choosing a dish, setting it on the dish, and putting the works in the oven.   You will have to turn the oven on yourself, and take the heated dish out of the oven.  But when we do this with my grandkids, they still take delight in eating “what we cooked ourselves.” (more…)

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