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mt polley

Along with the picture above, I received by email today the following text.  Take a look at the YouTube timelapse.  Interesting. (more…)

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These past two days I have had to deal with that knotty subject, computer modeling for mines. I proposed a series of 2D runs in order to get a feel for how groundwater flows into an open pit and from the tailings facility. The younger generation cried in horror at my simplicity.  “We need 3D models to truly replicate the situations,” they protested. I protested: “We are not modeling things on the computer in order to replicate reality and create an electronic simulacrum of what is in nature.” (more…)

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Today a jury in New Hampshire decided that Exxon Mobil should pay the state $236 million.  The jury concluded that the oil company had caused MTBE contamination of groundwater at gas stations state-wide, and this amount was Exxon’s share of the cleanup costs.  Obviously Exxon said they would appeal the jury verdict, even as their share price rose. This is noted in a full report on the verdict: (more…)

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The seventh flight of the week in pursuit of mining.  From Vancouver to the airport of many names: Santa Ana, John Wayne, or Orange County, California.  Call is what you will.  The sun is shining, the sea sparkling, and the grandkids lively and curious. (more…)

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There are many guidelines for groundwater modeling.  Up until now there has been nothing specific to mining.  Now that is changed.  At this link is a guidance document specific to groundwater modeling for mines.   (more…)

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One of the enduring mysteries of professional practice is why groundwater experts never apply the Observational Method in their ever-more sophisticated groundwater modeling and monitoring work. (more…)

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Today I went to HR Block and had my taxes calculated.  It is a disaster: I owe lots and the total taxes I paid is more than the average Canadian salary.   I am seriously considering selling up and moving to Las Vegas.  And stopping working.  Why work to merely pay great sums to the government that squanders the money on frivolous pursuits?   I could blog away at no cost to anyone; to no income to me; and to no taxes to a far-distant gobbler and distributor of my earned income. (more…)

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