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Four short stories and one succinct opinion.  No pictures.  You decide.

Story 1 – Gambling

A father took his young daughter with him to gamble.  The men sat gambling until late in the night and into the early morning.  The daughter busied herself as only teenagers can when their parents are at play.  The father’s luck was fierce.  He won a great deal and the losers were sore.  Finally the father left with his daughter, but the losers were not happy.  They wanted their money back.  They waylaid the father and daughter and an altercation broke out.  Guns were pulled.  The daughter was shot and killed.  The father, bereft, is in hospital fighting for his life. (more…)

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Are you a retired policeman?  Maybe a strong fellow who likes guns?  Or a smart strategist (female) who seeks excitement?  Do you want to balance human rights and the security and safety of mine workers from thugs and violence? If the answer to any of these or a thousand other questions is yes, then consider becoming a security officer on a mine. (more…)

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Having survived the travails of travel, including eight-hour flight delays, evacuation of terminals, and long-line indignities, let me post a few photos that illustrate how one village is improved by mining-derived money. I first saw this village about three years ago.  It was picturesque but dilapidated. Poverty was the norm: unpainted houses; a decaying church; rudimentary places to eat; no banks. (more…)

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Paarl is the only South African brandy I can get in Vancouver.  It is rough—not like cognac—but rather the flavor of the veldt & bush, of scrub & dust, of a long-forgotten home & inequities long-rectified.  Thus inebriated, I blog. (more…)

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The Temptation of ChristAry Scheffer, 1854

The Westward Look hotel sits proud in the foothills of Tucson.  Down in the flats, the lights of the city sparkle and shine like a sea of energy washing over the privileged.  You know that somewhere in the pinpoints of light somebody is being robbed, beaten, raped, and maybe killed.  But violence is not the predominant activity.  Civil order is probably the norm. (more…)

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Guatemala Photos

A few photos taken today.






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Brief news reports and an announcement by Tahoe Resources indicate that three were killed in an attack on the Escobal Mine in Guatemala.  The local Spanish-language newspaper, El Metropolitano,  has a front-page headline  “Terrorism in San Rafael Las Flores.”  San Rafael Las Flores is the local town where most locals working on the mine live. (more…)

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Gold Fever is yet another in a long line of lies about mining, blasting, and house cracking.  Here is a link to the film.  I could not raise the sound, but the images are visual enough to let you know that once again this is scandalous propaganda not based on facts or even elementary investigation–just another pastiche of pictures of weeping women and cracked houses attributed to mine blasting. (more…)

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The Canadian national newspaper, The Globe and Mail is delivered to the office foyer each morning.  The first to get to the offices picks it up and dumps it on the small table in the kitchen where we make coffee and tea in the gallons needed to remain alert through an average day’s work. (more…)

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MineWeb reports that workers have left the copper mine in Afghanistan being developed by the Chinese because of fears of Taliban attacks.  It appears that the Taliban has target the mine, stating that they do not believe the people will benefit from the mine and that profits will be siphoned off by the Afgan elite and the Chinese. (more…)

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