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Here are the stories of the seven dam failures that have occurred since the beginning of 2012. Six are failures of tailings facilities. The seventh is a rockfill dam. The following are extracts from technical papers that I wrote well before the Mt Polley failure. Details of the first three are available at this link. Details of the remaining four are in a paper that I will present at the Tailings and Mine Waste 2014 conference in Colorado in October of this year. (more…)

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In December last year the Gullbridge Tailings Dam, somewhere in Newfoundland,  failed.  Here is a link to the “best,” i.e., most comprehensive report that I can find.  Seems like an engineering report prepared about a year prior to the failure resulted in a total lack of action and, as predicted by the report, the dam failed.  Here is a link to the engineering report that lead to inaction.  (more…)

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