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Summer has arrived when Bard on the Beach is playing.  Last night we saw Hamlet, and a stunning performance by Jonathon Young as Hamlet. (more…)

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Skull – detail of statue of Saint Ambrose

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Alas poor Yorik! Like Saint Ambrose, whose skull we see in the picture, that mighty voice is now dead. But the thoughts remain.  ( A frivolous cartoon shows Hamlet kicking a skull, and proclaming “I said I knew him — I never said I liked him.”)

These weird thoughts are prompted by what I found in pursuit of a statement made during the SME Keynote address that the Catholic Church is anti-mining:  a blog called Save Rapu-Rapu.  There is a long and rambling posting that cannot make up its mind to support mining or attack mining. But it contains some fascinating perspectives on the attitude of the Church to mining. I quote and edit:


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