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Here is a bit of history about an obscure mine that is now a Superfund site.  This came to my inbox a while ago and now seems a good time to publish the story presented here as received.  (more…)

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You will need to access the SME One Mine Library to get the earliest papers on filter pressing of tailings.  Here are interesting points from some—but do go and read the whole paper in each case—they are fascinating: (more…)

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The New Year begins but holiday time continues for a while at least.  There is still time to settle down and read a good book.  Here is my list of those that I plan to pull out and read. (more…)

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Today the papers for the upcoming conference Tailings and Mine Waste 2011 went to the printer.  The conference is in Vancouver November 6th and following.  There are still about 40 places left to take full attendance to the limit of rooms size of 300. (more…)

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Here is a link to a paper that I and a fellow author wrote for the conference on tailings and mine waste 2010.  This is not the version published in the proceedings.  Rather it is an updated version, now made more publically available. 

The paper seeks to record some of the many people who contributed to the development of slimes dam practice in South Africa over the past one hundred years.  It is a fascinating story that culminates in the grand book by Geoff Blight on the topic of South African tailings practice. 

All I ask here is that if you have more information on the history of South African slimes dams, please send it along, and we will continue to collate the information.  Thanks.

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Welcome to Golder Associates in Canada.jpg

The picture above is lifted from the Golder Associates website.  I suppose it is supposed to signify the protection of water that is the current rage of sustainable mining and similar philosophies.  I find it a bit trite and cloying. (more…)

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    The weekend looms.  Nothing serious to say about mining.  Thus here is something I found last night in my e-files while cleaning things up.   It is a mere set of personal recollections fo growing up on a mine in South Africa in the 1950s.  Enjoy it for what it is. (more…)

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Browsing the web today I came across an amazing document on the history of mining that I must share with you before heading out of the office. 

The document is Mining Camps–A Study in  American Frontier Government  written by Charles Howard Shinn in 1885.  It is available in full at the link I provide from the Bancroft Library of the University of California.  How can one resist such prose:

This book is an attempt to break new ground in a comparatively new field and to examine the laws and customs , not of primitive pastoral nor of primitve agricultural communities, but of the workers in ores, and the toilers in auriferous river-sands. 

Here are two other papers that I found fascinating on the modern version of the topic: 

Both are by James West who is an Associate with Quantec, LLC in Portland, Oregon.

And in a lighter vein see Valley Detector Sales for more books on the old mining camps of California.

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