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United States miners all should be paying close attention to a bill passed this week by Congress. I refer to Bill HR 4402. It is now up to the Senate and President to decide its fate. A Democrat-controlled Senate may sit on it and do nothing—that is unacceptable. The White House has stated that is opposes the bill; but has not threatened a veto. How could it? (more…)

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This just in from Jamie Caswell of the National Mining Association. (more…)

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While the United States Congress debates HR4402, a bill which would make it easier and cheaper to mine in the United States, Spanish coal miners are protesting cuts by the Spanish government in subsidies to unprofitable coal mines.   These two seemingly unlinked news stories, highlight the tricky question of to what extent a government should go to nurture a home-grown mining industry when it is cheaper to mine elsewhere. First some details of the Spanish situation from this report(more…)

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