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Here from this link, a few observations on the bad & good of mining—at least in Australia: (more…)

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Is the Supercycle over?  I believe it is.  But others think otherwise. Mining.com says:

Don’t sound the death knell just yet: The resource ‘supercycle’ may not be breathing its last breath. The resource sector’s period of sharp price rises and heightened volatility is “alive and well,” say analysts of the business and economics research arm of McKinsey & Company.  “Rumors of the supercycle’s death are greatly exaggerated,” authors of the 2013 Trends Survey write. “Despite recent falls, commodity prices are still near their levels of early to mid-2008, just before the global financial crisis hit.”  By historical standards, resource prices are still high – even as the global economy slowly pulls itself out of recession. (more…)

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mooi Auto retrato II[1]

She worked on the Pebble Mine exploration program a long time ago–more than twenty year ago.  Her theory, based on personal experience. is that the mine will never be. (more…)

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The government of Argentina has ordered Vale to continue to employ nearly 6,500 workers at the Rio Colorado potash mine that Vale is seeking to close.   Vale wants to close the mine as it is presumably not making money, inflation in Argentina is 25 % per annum, and Vale did not get tax breaks they were seeking.  (more…)

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Here are links to two e-books on the issues of risks and mining in 2013.  Both required reading if you are investing in mining:

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This week brings the EduMine webcast on Understanding the Risks of Mining Investment.  Today Michael Collins and I presented the first three hours of nine hours of live presentations based on the EduMine course available at this link. (more…)

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Each year, each mining company produces an Annual Report.  Ignore the color pictures of locals, women geologists, heart-rending schools & hospitals built with mining profits, and go instead to the sections headed RISKS. (more…)

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