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Here is a comment posted on this blog today.  It is posted to the section on About Me and the Blog.  That is a pretty obscure posting, although some do look at it to check if I am genuine. (more…)

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From that inestimable team, the father-son Obonis of Riskope, here is what I got in today’s email.  I repeat most of it.  I edit to smooth & personal prose as their Italian dialect leads to bumps in easy reading.  I copy here as I think the suggestions they make for finding a job in mining or anywhere else, are worth disseminating.  Let me know what you think. (more…)

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This posting is prompted by a casual discussion today with a person I like and respect.  She pointed me to the website of Employment Office.  The opening statement on their website is this: (more…)

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Growing up in South Africa, the only thing I knew about mining engineers was that they were the mine manager and lived in a big house in a large, secluded property far from the working masses.  My father regarded the mine manager and all mining engineers as being next to God.  You did not speak to them; they spoke to you.  Of course there was always the inconvenient fact that the mine manager and mining engineers lived in terror of the consulting engineers come from the head office in Johannesburg.  They carried the wand of life and death with them. The fear was that you might be promoted and have to leave that large house and go to live in Johannesburg where things were expensive and savage, and where there was so much traffic. (more…)

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Today I had lunch with a person from DrainTube (Afitex Texel).  He remarked on the paucity of skilled people in the industry of geosynthetics in landfills and mining. This set me thinking of jobs in mining that may require a knowledge of geosynthetics.  So I went to CareerMine.  Here is the essence of the first advert that I found for a job in Langhorn, Pennsylvania: (more…)

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Jill has a masters degree in philosophy.  Her specialization is logic.  She is employed by a mining company. (more…)

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In the heat that now, unseasonably, envelops Vancouver, we rode yesterday some twenty-eight kilometers up the Lower Seymour Reserve.   All the way up to the salmon hatchery and beyond to a new view-point looking over the dam and reservoir. (more…)

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