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The following blog posting at this link has nothing to do with mining—or has it?   Today I heard an advert on the radio in which Syncrude, one of the big two oil sands companies, noted that they are the largest employer of aboriginal peoples in Canada.   Syncrude has made many rich, but it has also provided work and opportunity for many who would otherwise be dirt poor.   They do it out of commercial best interest, but still they do it.

On which a short note to pay tribute to Jack Layton who died today.  I may not agree with his party’s policies, but he was a great man and his passing is a true Canadian loss.   We will never know what he may have done to benefit Canadian mining and the countries where Canadian companies mine.  But I believe that he would have acted wisely and would have been a prudent man, upholding Canadian ethics.  (more…)

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