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The joy of life is offspring: children & grandchildren and all their variety.  I have not posted much on this blog in the last two weeks as I have been in California with four of the eight grandchildren. (more…)

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About 45 miles west of Cedar Rapids, Iowa is Keystone. It is a small farming town set in the midst of corn and soya bean fields.  There are silos reaching for the sky, a few dilapidated stores, the remnants of a railway line, and many quaint Victorian houses.   Head south-west about three miles through the fields and past the farm houses, one per forty acres, and there on a rise left by a retreating glacier is the ugliest house in the county.  (more…)

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   I should write something intelligent about the mining industry in this blog: smart, insightful, incisive comment.  But I choose instead to comment on recent reports of people being kicked of flights because they are “too fat to fly.” (more…)

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