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The keynote address at today’s Tailings and Mine Waste 2013 conference was delivered by A.G. Kupper of BGC Engineering.  She made some amazing statements.  I wonder if she is fully aware of the implications of what she said. To me the statement with most import is that before an oil sands tailings facility can be de-licensed as a dam, it must be turned into a landform that will respond to long-term forces as does the natural surrounding landscape.  Until then the mine is on the hook. (more…)

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Beaches have a way of attracting attention.  Hoards of curvy North Americans flock each year to ocean-side resorts just to sit in pools and stare at beaches.  Early explorers travelling by sea sought coves with protected sandy beaches to land their parties and fly their flag.  Even whales and sharks, distracted by the bounty of an intertidal buffet have tested shallow waters, only to leave themselves high and dry.

Tailings engineers are no less immune to the draw of beaches, though you won’t find many tailings engineers modelling the latest swimwear on sub-tropical shores (if I am wrong here, I do apologize, and please send us your latest vacation photos).  Beaches have a different meaning to folks on a mine. (more…)

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