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Almost everybody in mining that I talk to has an adverse opinion about the recent Canada Supreme Court ruling that the Crown has a duty to obtain First Nations or Aboriginal consent before mining on claimed land.   Opinions include: (more…)

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Risk assessments for mine closure are not common.  Yet I believe this is changing.  Some evidence is this new document from Chile:  Guia Metodologia de Evaluacion de Riesgos Para el Cierra de Faenas Mineras.  Here is the link to the website where you can download a copy of the document just in case the link to the document itself as provided in the title does not work. (more…)

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Many years ago in Vancouver I attended a conference on mining law put on by the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute.  Today I received the flyer for the 59th Annual conference to be held in Spokane July 18-20,2013.   The speakers at the event that I attended in Vancouver were the best and most entertaining I have ever listened to at any conference ever, even though the topics were tough legal issues in mining.  Most are lawyers afterall. (more…)

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Here is an edited (to preserve identity) email that I received today:

I recently read your blog article, “Should I Become a Mining Engineer” and I have a couple questions if you wouldn’t mind answering them! (more…)

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On the basis that it is easy to blame the mine and difficult to prove they are innocent, I post this from this link:

A jury says the Atlantic Richfield Co. isn’t responsible for damages to a historic Butte apartment building that the owner said were caused by mining done a half-century ago. (more…)

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The Wisconsin legislature has just posted a proposed new law on mining in the state.  The full document is available at this link.    At 191 pages it is not a short read; but it is a must-read.  And it is a fascinating read.  It is serious and sometimes frivolous.  Consider these sections that caught my eye on scanning the document: (more…)

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Having watched the Met Opera Don Giovanni  yesterday, I decided today that I had had enough culture.  So, on a rainy day I sat in my study reading a detective novel.  Trash for pure entertainment!  (more…)

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