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From Linda Hinshaw of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Colorado State University here is news of some of the research underway in the department.   (more…)

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Word has just come in that the folk organizing the conference Tailings and Mine Waste ’08 have just met.

They have extended the deadline for submission of abstracts to this conference until mid-June and they are asking that papers come in by mid-July. 

                                                                                2006-10-07 004 - Joburg from the ferris wheel - mine tailings on right

This is a conference worth supporting, writing for, and attending.  It is a resuscitation of an historic series–seven previous conferences that established and advanced the science, engineering, and technology of tailings and mine waste. 

Another good reason to write for and attend the conference is that it is in Vail, Colorado in October this year.  Hard to find a nicer place to be at that time of the year. 

Tuba City Tailings

By way of full disclosure:  the company I work for part time as a genuine engineer, Robertson Geoconsultants is a sponsor, and the other company I work for as a Blogger and engineering author, InfoMine (really TechnoMine)plan to put as much on the site as we can get as is left behind after publication of the proceedings by a European publisher–in fact the one that published all seven past proceeding. 

Call Linda Hinshaw at 970-491-5049 or e-mail her at linda.hinshaw@colostate.edu for more information or to get personal attention. 

                                                                  Tailings Ponds 1

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