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Friday and Saturday were given over to love (some may call it lust and the pleasures of the flesh.)  Sunday was given over to good weather, a long bike ride, opera, and smoking a pipe. The most innocent of these is smoking a pipe.  I first smoked a pipe when I was thirteen or fourteen–I cannot recall which.  We sat behind the shed and puffed the pleasures of tobacco.  I transgressed to cigarettes and cigars, and strong spirits, including brandy and cognac.  (more…)

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Music, in particular opera, has brought me far more pleasure than gold.  I have a few ugly gold cufflinks—can you find shirt to wear them with these days?  I have many gold rings; one sporting a one-carrot, yellow, Australian diamond.  They are beautiful, and still fit my fingers after many years.  But they are empty reminders of past times, past loves & joys, and a world that is gone.  (more…)

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   It has been a good weekend, although some mining issues have caused me concern—not enough to induce worry, but enough to merit record in this posting.  Thus let us go through the main events of the weekend and follow the concerns that arise in the course of weekend pleasure.

On Saturday night, we went to see the Marriage of Figaro, put on by the Vancouver Opera.   I once again commend Goldcorp for being a corporate sponsor of the opera in Vancouver.  This is admirable and impressive.  (more…)

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