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Only the French would like an opera by an Italian, Jean-Baptiste Lully.  Only the French would resuscitate an opera like Cadmus et Hermione. Here are some pithy observations from the opera: (more…)

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Today, Easter Sunday, a long bike ride around the city, to Granville Island.  There I listened to a solitary banjo player strumming his simple tunes. I bought his CD and chatted awhile to him.  His name is Fabrizio Bezzini; he is from Italy; a friend got him to Appalachia; he found the banjo; and now he is playing as a busker at Granville Island. (more…)

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I hesitate to post another on opera.  But this Sunday night watching deserves some mention.  If only to get you to get the DVD and watch and listen.  I refer to a new DVD that I watched tonight of Lully’s opera Persee, or Perseus in more English fashion. (more…)

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