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We grow old.  Let us live in excess and expire in a whirlwind of pleasure.  Let us go from joy to joy and die in contentment.  Let us forget the past and love each new day in the intensity of life well lived.  Let us fade into the mist of a faint fall. And recall past springs and enjoy all new springs.  For life is summer, albeit winter will come. (more…)

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It is all too easy to be beguiled by the propaganda of mining protestors. Maybe they are correct when they protest mines & mining in their area. But now we have an example of a protest, not in the mining arena, that proves the fallacious motives & reasoning of mining protestors. I refer to the recent protests against performance by the MET opera of the opera The Death of KlinghofferAt this link we have an intelligent analysis of the protests and the opera by that august magazine, the New Yorker.  You may care nothing for opera, and care less about a modern American opera by the foremost modern American opera composer, John Adams.  But I urge you to read this posting by the New Yorker and judge it as an example of mindless protest against a worthy undertaking. (more…)

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Lost loves: those consummated and still loved; those loved but never consummated; those consummated for a fleeting moment that lingers in memories of pleasure; those lost never to return;  until maybe the deathbed?  Or a return from travels east?   How many people can one love in a life-time or even at once?  There are at least two from Quebec. (more…)

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We met as usual at the movie house on Schoolhouse Road to watch the MET live broadcast–today it was Borodin’s opera Prince Igor, a tale of a 12th century Russian prince who looses his men and honor in war against the Polovetsians.  “Is it possible that 100 years after the start of the Great War, yet another great European war is beginning?” (more…)

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Renée Fleming, left, in the title role and Dolora Zajick as Ježibaba, in Dvorák’s fairy-tale "Rusalka," the first opera

Three of us went today to the movie theater on Schoolhouse Road in Coquitlam, east of Vancouver, to watch the Met Opera broadcast of Rusalka.   Here  is a brief report on the event. (more…)

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Old men still love, although we seldom succeed.  That is the inevitable message of today’s Met HD broadcast of Verdi’s Falstaff.  I reflected all the opera on this year’s affair now gone to Quebec, maybe to return next year?  How can age impede the impulses of the young? (more…)

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Autumn has come when the Met Opera live begins.  On a sunny day in Coquitlam we watched the first live on HDTV broadcast of Eugene Onegin.  A wonderful performance to begin the opera season. (more…)

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