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In the great mining depression of 1983, I survived by returning to South Africa to work in the mining industry.  I will always be grateful to the people and the industry that made it possible for me to pay the mortgage at 18.6 percent and keep the Vancouver kids fed and clothed. 

The current economic situation does not yet seem to be putting many North American mining industry folk out of work and we hope it stays that way.  But still it is instructive to take a look at the jobs in mining in Africa, just in case you have to do what I did nearly 25 years ago.

As always my source of information is CareerMine.   When I last looked there were some 1,091 mining-related jobs in Africa in their list.  South Africa accounted for 814 of them, with but 47 in the Congo, 16 in Zambia, 16 in Namibia, 11 in Tanzania, 11 in Madagascar, 10 in Mozambique, 8 in Mali, 8 in Niger, and 7 in Guinea.


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