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It was almost six months ago that we met at the 2011 Tailings and Mine Waste Conference in Vancouver.  It is only six months until we meet at the 2012 conference in Colorado, and before that we have to write the papers. (more…)

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A great many great presentations yesterday at the Tailings and Mine Waste 11 Conference here in Vancouver.  The keynote addresses were topical and provocative.  There was applause when in reply to a question, Ransford Sekyi of Ghana said that artisanal miners dig and destroyed the environment and then move on to another place to dig and destroy, and that they should be dealt with “with the full force of the law.”  A bold approach that echoed the ongoing occupation of the Vancouver Art Gallery by what is rapidly degenerating into an unruly band of homeless ruffians biting the police who are trying to prevent a conflagration.  (more…)

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