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Yesterday I went to the 35th year anniversary celebration of the founding in Vancouver of SRK.  It was a grand affair in a fancy hotel overlooking the harbor.  Andy Robertson and Jim Robertson (no relation) who were the two originals were both there.  (more…)

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South African and tailings history are now richer as a result of a new book on Fraser Alexander.  I have managed to obtain an e-copy of the entire book.  I presume I am permitted to send you a copy if you cannot obtain a hard-copy.  I am much indebted to those who arranged for me to get the e-copy.  I will put you in touch with them if you email me. (more…)

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Mike Gowan of Golder Associates in Australia has enabled me to post at this link a PowerPoint presentation of a talk he gave earlier this month in South Africa.  At the link is the PowerPoint in pdf format.  It is a big file and may take time to download, but persist, for the wait is worth the reward once you go through the presentation. (more…)

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At university we formed a trio: all bright, but otherwise different.  One lazy and impractical; one energetic and pragmatic; one imaginative and socially responsible.  We went our separate ways in the world: to Australia, Canada, the United States, and the northern suburbs of Johannesburg.  Occasionally we still interact.  Just as now when I review a paper by one of the trio; and rightly he deserves my review for being so bold as to write the truth that offends. 

Of course he will respond that I distort his pragmatic perspective and tell my own truth which is not his truth.  But that ever was the argument over beers, so why not continue now over old age? 

                                              acid mine drainage near pittston 

The background to this blog posting is a long review I have just posted on TechnoMine.  In that review I write about a number of the papers presented to eighty or so people in Tasmania last week.  At a conference on the hoary old topic of acid mine drainage and acid rock drainage.  I avoid the acronyms ARD and/or AMD.  They looks so innocuous and innocent, whereas the topic is anything but innocuous & innocent.


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