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In selecting topics to blog about, my first choice is something that struck me today as new and interesting.  Today the most fascinating new thing I learnt resulted from a visit by a young Irishman from Nuna Innovation Inc.  He told me about a geosynthetics that I had not hitherto been aware of. (more…)

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Today being election day in the USA, we speculate on what different outcomes may mean for mining.  Beware: this posting may offend.  It is, however, pure bloggery: speculative and prevaricative.  (more…)

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Colorado School of Mines "M" under a Rainbow

Want to earn more?  Go into the military or mining in Colorado.  That strange conclusion would appear to follow from this extract of a report on personal income gains since the forth quarter of 2007: 

Of the 23 industries the Bureau of Economic Analysis tracks on a quarterly basis, mining had the strongest earnings growth nationally, at 5.4 percent. But because mining accounts for only about 1 million jobs in the United States, the industry contributed little to overall personal income growth.


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