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From the recent CostMine U.S. Metal & Industrial Mineral Mine Salaries, Wages & Benefits 2013 Survey Results, here are some figures on Mining Company Executive compensation.  The numbers are astounding, so hold on to your seat. (more…)

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Today I lunched with a professor from one of those old-line, prestigious universities.  He bemoaned the fact that his department has changed. (more…)

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Underground is the essence of mining.  As a kid of perhaps ten-years old, my father took me a mile down a shaft of the mine where he worked as a mine captain.  Somewhat fearful, I followed him close into the vast space of metal that was the cage.  Down we sped to great noise for what seemed an eternity.  Water seeped and dripped and gushed everywhere.  All was wet.  At last we slowed, stopped, and the great metal doors clanged open.  We emerged into a great hall with dark-rock walls and soaring ceiling.  Everywhere there was metal: rails, ropes, tools, and cocopans. (more…)

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If you read this blog, you will know that in the past four or so years, I have visited the Marlin and Escobal Mines in Guatemala many times.   (Do a search with these key words in the box at top-right to get all I have written about these visits.) (more…)

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A massive slope failure has occurred at the open pit of the Bingham Canyon Mine in Utah.  Here is a link to a magnificent collection of photographs of the failure, which appears to have taken out part of a building, access roads, and filled the bottom of the pit with slide material.  Nobody was hurt: the mine had been monitoring movement and when deformation increased from 1 mm a day to 5 mms day they pulled out all workers.  A fine testament to the engineers who study rock and soil slope stability in the open pit mine context.  (more…)

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In a previous posting I reported on Mexican mine salaries.  Here are some numbers on wages at mines in Mexico.  The full details are available from Cost Mine and their Mexican Mine Wages, Salaries and Benefits 2013 Survey Results. (more…)

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Just arrived on my desk is the CostMine Mexican Mine Wages, Salaries & Benefits 2013 Survey Results.  This sixty-two page document is chock-full of data on wages and salaries at Mexican mines.  I recommend that you and your company or union get a copy and compare your income to the ranges and averages documented here.  (more…)

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Lazily browsing the web, I came across this report from Zimbabwe about a mine running out of water. There is so much one could say, that I refrain from comment and just post the story as I found it.  You will no doubt draw your own conclusions.  (more…)

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Brief news reports and an announcement by Tahoe Resources indicate that three were killed in an attack on the Escobal Mine in Guatemala.  The local Spanish-language newspaper, El Metropolitano,  has a front-page headline  “Terrorism in San Rafael Las Flores.”  San Rafael Las Flores is the local town where most locals working on the mine live. (more…)

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When I was a kid on a mine in South Africa, the day after Christmas was truly Boxing Day.  The excitement of presents subsided and we got to play with the new toys at leisure.  There was no TV so we truly sat quietly and read the new books Santa had brought.  The servants were off for the day and our parents, every reluctant to cook, simply spread the left-overs from which we picked as fancy and appetite dictated.  The sun shone ever-bright and we dipped yet again into the mine swimming pool and got ever more burnt to produce today’s sun-scorched skin and cancers. (more…)

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