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Next week in Juneau, Alaska we have the Alaska Miners Association meeting.   This runs from Wednesday to Friday. (more…)

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33 Trapped Chilean Miners

Trapped Chilean Miners

13 October 2010:  The message above and the posting below first appeared on this blog soon after the miners were trapped.  Today I heard on the radio that 13 are already out and the rest are being lifted to safety.   Thus we rejoice for their rescue, hold our breath for the rest as they come up, and stand in awe at their courage and fortitude.  We applaud those who have worked to save them.  But we must not forget the conditions that allowed this to happen; and we must hope that things now change.

This message of support appears on the InfoMine Careers page.   We replicate it here to reinforce our empathy. (more…)

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Salt Lake City and a savage storm bearing down black on the city.   We are safely (we presume) esconced in the Salt Palace, another of those endless conference centers where at five pm the Society of Mining Engineers Annual Conference kicks off. 


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