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Growing up in South Africa, the only thing I knew about mining engineers was that they were the mine manager and lived in a big house in a large, secluded property far from the working masses.  My father regarded the mine manager and all mining engineers as being next to God.  You did not speak to them; they spoke to you.  Of course there was always the inconvenient fact that the mine manager and mining engineers lived in terror of the consulting engineers come from the head office in Johannesburg.  They carried the wand of life and death with them. The fear was that you might be promoted and have to leave that large house and go to live in Johannesburg where things were expensive and savage, and where there was so much traffic. (more…)

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Just in from CostMine is the 2012 Survey Results for African Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits.  This is a first and sure to become a staple of the mining industry and for all those who work or seek to work or mine in Africa.  I cannot tell or comment on all in one posting.  So here follows a brief survey of the continent as a whole—in future postings I will look at the data for individual countries. (more…)

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Today, I received the following in an email.  The writer asks a number of questions relating to his decision to go into mineral engineering.  First I repeat the email, and then I set out my answers to his questions.  If you too can help this fellow, please do so by commenting.  Thanks.  (more…)

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   Here is an edited e-mail I recently received:

I am young mining engineer with three years experience.  I am at that point where I should really commit myself to the trade or back off and go a different direction.  I am thinking about an advanced degree/further education but I am not sure on what: Mining engineering, geotechnical engineering geared towards mining, or business/entrepreneurship.  Or just relax and enjoy my life and extracurricular activities like running/camping (bagdaddy.blogspot.com).  I have an undergrad in mining engineering from Virginia Tech  Any advice or thoughts would be really helpful.  Also, I might as well ask about this while I have your attention, how would you invest your money if you were my age (25).    (more…)

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   Recently, I received an e-mail from a high-school senior.  He asked me if he should go to university to study to become a mining engineer.  Here is my reply to him—I trust he does not mind me sharing it with others who may be asking the same question. (more…)

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In my e-mail in-box was this request:

I was wondering if you could give me some idea of what Consultants are making (Mining Engineer with 6-8 years experience). You’ve mentioned that consultants are well paid but I’m interested to know what would be typical – partly because I’m about to take a job with a mining consultancy and the salary is significantly lower than an Australian offer I also have on the table as well as being significantly less than what my current job offers. I simply can’t find any real information for consultants. (more…)

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