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I have just added a new (to me at least) blog to my blogroll just to the right here.  The blog is the Mineral Law Blog.  The writers are members of the law firm Stoel Rivers LLP, Attorneys at Law.  Here is how they introduce their blog: (more…)

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If this story is true it is distressing, nay alarming.   If this story is true then let there be general outrage in the mining industry.  Let there be retribution of the perpetrators.   During a casual lunch with an old friend who is the ultimate industry insider, we touched on the topic of patents in mining.  I mentioned that some trivial work I did some while ago was now the subject of a patent.  I was just doing what one does: namely trying to find a solution to a new problem. (more…)

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Will somebody with knowledge and authority please stand up and tell us the truth.  I refer to the great debate over the new attempt to reform the 1872 mining law. 

On the one hand we have John Chadwick.  I have had many a drink with John in luxury bars in Denver.  He is British, loves traipsing around Africa on company planes and writing about mining.  He reminds me of the perfect old gentleman for whom drinking before sundown in the colonies was nigh on immoral.  But once you started drinking, why the sun never set on the British Empire.  He regards all Americans with wry humor, a species that made a gross mistake long ago in leaving the happy warmth of the Crown’s protection.  His brand of humor is straight out of the pages of dusty copies of Punch.  Here is what he published on his blog this morning:


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