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I spent some time last week, this past weekend, and today polishing the webcast coming up next week on Geosynthetics in Mining.  We started out as a small group, Tarik, Terry, and me.  But as we talked and planned, we realized we needed other to augment us.  So I am proud to tell that we now have Abigail, Bertrand, Marat, and Ryan join us.  Here is more detail:

Jack Caldwell is a consulting engineer for RGC with over 35 years of experience in mining, geotechnical and site remediation projects.

Tarik Hadj-Hamou, waste management and geotechnics expert with SLR,  has over forty years’ experience in civil and geotechnical engineering and risk analysis.

Terry Mandziak, Principal Geotechnical Engineer at SRK, has more than 21 years of diversified professional experience in project coordination and project design, and is a leading expert on heap leach pads and their design, construction, operation, and closure.

Abigail Beck is Director of Liner Integrity Services for TRI Environmental, Inc.  She will talk on that incredibly important part of geosynthetics installation, namely quality assurance and construction quality control.  I have listened to her on this subject before—she is the expert and we will all learn from her.

Bertrand Breul is a civil engineer and Managing Director at Axter Coletanche.  He is a young fellow promoting his product.  But he is knowledgeable and passionate.  I reckon it is worth hearing from him on the bituminous geomembranes he sells—and designs with as part of his sales responsibilities.

Marat Goldenberg is a civil/environmental engineer at CETCO.   He too is young, eager, and informed.  Again I invited him to join us on the basis that he knows CETCOs products better than anybody and is the best person to learn from I can imagine.

Ryan McKeever is Technical Sales Consultant – Mining for Nuna Innovations Inc.  A young Irishman with sparkling eyes, and in my opinion, an incredible geosynthetic that is currently very expensive.  So I have invited him to tell us more about a product that I am sure will in time become a staple in the mining industry.

There is still plenty of time to register an join us for three hours for three days next week.   Click this link.

The course is intended for all who manage, operate, design, or approve (as regulators) geowaste facilities. It is also for those who are interested in advances in the use of Geosynthetics in such structures as part of the process of enhancing mine water management and the functionality and economy of such facilities.

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If you are interested in the use of geosynthetics in mining, or seek to use geosynthetics in mining, or need as a consultant to provide your client with advice on geosynthetics in mining, or you are a manufacturer or supplier of geosynthetics to mines, then you should join us March 10 to 12th on the upcoming EduMine webcast.

Here it the link to the course.  Click on it, get the details, and register.

I am proud to be joined by experts.  Terry Mandziak of SRK is beyond doubt the world’s leading expert on heap leach pads and their design, construction, operation, and closure.  And of course the use of geosynthetics in heap leach pads.  Terry is quiet, unassuming, unassertive—but his intellect is towering, his experience vast, and his engineering instinct superb.  I am lucky to have worked with him and I am certain you will find his webcast presentations instructive, insightful, and informative. He is one of a kind and the leader of the pack.

Tarik Hadj-Hamou is an old friend.  I owe him more than I can ever repay.  He taught me so much.  He is one of the old school of geosynthetics users having studied under Ed Kavazanjian and J.P. Giroud.  And he worked for and with them for many years and continues to do so.  He is congenial, of superb intellect, and a nice person,  His wife is the best cook I know.

I have also invited a few young fellows to make twenty-minute presentations on their geosynthetics.  They are the salesmen who promote and seek to sell their product.  I know them, I like them, I respect them, and I invite them to present because I am convinced the future is theirs.  You and they can and must solve issues in mining that I cannot even conceive.  Just drink one more more drink in my remembrance when you solve the new problems using geosynthetics.

So come join us.  It is cheap when you consider the cost of conference courses or conference attendance.  We already have registrants from around the world.  Join us and them and you need not travel or stay in lousy hotels in dangerous cities.  Do it all from home or the comfort of your office.  And please speak up: ask question; offer opinions; describe your case histories; and help us advance the cause of geosynthetics in mining.

Finally note that if you attend the webcast you will also get a free copy of the proceedings of the 2014 Conference held here in Vancouver on Geosythetic Solutions in Mining.

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Every Sunday we would go from the mine, East Geduld, where my father was a mine captain,  to my grandmother and step-grandfather for lunch.  My step-grandfather was a winder on the mines–a job that probably no longer exists.  Joe was his name and we called him Grandpa Joe.  He has tall and ginger.  He came from Ireland, courted my grandmother who ran Ma Brett’s Boarding House as a way to survive after the death of my grandfather–leaving her three children to bring up. (more…)

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On the flight from Dallas to Vancouver, I sat next to a young man on his way to Whistler for tow days of skiing.  His three friends, also to Whistler to ski, sat just behind us.  They are all in the American Airlines procurement department.  Hence the free flights and money to spend at Whistler. (more…)

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We have just finished the InfoMine Conference on geosynthetics in mining.  I think it was a success although I had better await the evaluation forms before coming to definitive conclusions. The proceedings will be available through the InfoMine e-Store at this link.  In my opinion, this is a magnificent collection of papers on a topic that has long cried for detailed, focussed attention. For the use of geosynthetics in mining is different to the use of geosynthetics in landfills and other civil engineering application.  The mining projects that involve the use of geosynthetics are orders of magnitude larger than any other category of projects.  The challenges are greater: there are few precedents; there are no substantive regulations; and the consequences of use and misuse are greater. (more…)

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Spent today stuffing the bags to be handed to the over 150 delegates to next week’s conference here in Vancouver on Geosynthetics Mining Solutions 2014.   I also went through the volume of proceedings.  We have some amazingly interesting papers on aspects of geosynthetics use in mining new to me.  There is still time to join us on Tuesday if you push hard. (more…)

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Geosynthetics Mining Solutions is the first ever conference to address the topic of the use of geosynthetics in mining.  InfoMine is organizing the conference which will take place in Vancouver on September 8 to 11th, 2014.  For my sins I am sort of leading the team organizing the conference. (more…)

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