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Here is an email from today’s box that is worth repeating.  Makes you aware of the comments made to me yesterday by a client: “The US has not opened a new mine of note in decades and is now almost without mines.  It’s all very well to import, but at what cost to domestic workers and long-term security?” (more…)

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I am sitting in an office in Irvine California looking out at blue sky and warm temperatures. Not quite the holiday feeling that pervaded Vancouver with dark, wet days and many bright lights. The holiday greetings are arriving fast and furious.  A few old-fashioned Christmas cards arrived on my desk from the more traditional companies.  And many emails carrying much the same message. (more…)

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Here is a piece from Jamie Caswell, Manager, Communications & Outreach, National Mining Association.   It is worth reprinting and I am honored that this blog was considered to be one of the places to best disseminate it. (more…)

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This week again in Santiago, Chile.: exhausting meetings; deep & intense deliberations; keeping up with mining geniuses; writing reports of profound importance; trying to expedite significant decisions; and trying to make mining happen in large projects.  The issues are lack of power and the cost of water ($2.50 per cubic meter.)  The challenges are multiple models that seek to solve the same problem, yet produce vastly divergent results.  Add to that the diversity of the ore body, an absence of full quantification of variability, and the statistics of risk tolerance.  (more…)

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This just in from Jamie Caswell of the National Mining Association. (more…)

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To repeat an email from Jamie Caswell of the National Mining Association—seems like a spark of good news in an otherwise contrary scene:

Last year, our Minerals Make Life program raised awareness about the contribution of minerals to economic growth, innovation and national security in America. Thanks to these efforts, we saw the momentum around the minerals conversation grow in Washington and throughout the country.

  • In this video, Carol Raulston, senior vice president of communications for the National Mining Association, provides a recap of key findings and milestones from 2011 that will help enhance our efforts advocating for smart mining in 2012, including:
  • Reports by the U.S. Department of Defense and PricewaterhouseCoopers that revealed the importance of a steady minerals supply to the U.S. military and hi-tech and automotive sectors, among others;
  • The introduction of the “Critical Minerals Policy Act of 2011” by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), aiming for an in-depth analysis of our nation’s minerals needs and the ability to meet those needs domestically; and
  • The passage of a similar bill by Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.), the “National Strategic and Critical Minerals Policy Act of 2011,” which received bipartisan approval in the House Committee on Natural Resources in June 2011.

As we begin the new year, we must remain focused on advocating sound policies that promote a strong U.S. minerals mining sector and improve our economy. We hope you will support our efforts by sharing this video with your I Think Mining readers.

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Once more on the topic of unemployment and the role of mining in giving people jobs.  Today I received the following from the  U.S. National Mining Association, and it is an honor to be asked and to be able to comply.  Jamie Caswell writes as follows: (more…)

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