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MineWeb reports that workers have left the copper mine in Afghanistan being developed by the Chinese because of fears of Taliban attacks.  It appears that the Taliban has target the mine, stating that they do not believe the people will benefit from the mine and that profits will be siphoned off by the Afgan elite and the Chinese. (more…)

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This is another diary item: about today’s car trip 100 kilometers north of Santiago, then to the coast, down the coast, to Valpariso, and hence back to the city.  This is magnificent, awe-inspiring county-side.  No words could fully capture it so here a few pictures.

The Headquarters of the Chilean navy. 

A navy ship at sea about to start a voyage around the world.

Part of the rocky, rugged coast.

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There are no societies for men in mining.  Yet there are many groups for women in mining.  I think this is degrading to women, mining, and engineering in general.  Let me tell you why I have this contrary opinion. (more…)

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On the plane from Seattle to Vancouver:  she sat next to me; she was tall, and ginger, with the white skin and freckles of the perfect.  She told me she is a geologist en route to a weekend with her boyfriend, also a geologist doing a masters at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in exploration geology on a scholarship from Hunter Dickinson.  (more…)

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    Today, we travel for work, escapism/pleasure, and information.  In the past, the only travellers were soldiers, sailors, warriors, merchants, and crazy adventurers.  Today old ladies go to Turkey to see the sights; in the past only society’s misfits would venture that far.  Think of Alexander and his belligerents travelling from Macedonia to India.  Think of silk transported from China to the wives of Roman senators.  Think of Dutch sailors in search of the spices of the east.  Think Livingston & Stanley in  Africa.  Think Spanish in search of gold.  Think of why people go to Amsterdam? (more…)

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Sitting in the 8:30pm sun of Fort McMurray reading e-mails, I saw this one from my son, who is in the U.S. Navy station in the Pentagon in Washington, DC–he states:  “Interesting…maybe it will change the course and purpose of the war!”  (more…)

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Colorado School of Mines "M" under a Rainbow

Want to earn more?  Go into the military or mining in Colorado.  That strange conclusion would appear to follow from this extract of a report on personal income gains since the forth quarter of 2007: 

Of the 23 industries the Bureau of Economic Analysis tracks on a quarterly basis, mining had the strongest earnings growth nationally, at 5.4 percent. But because mining accounts for only about 1 million jobs in the United States, the industry contributed little to overall personal income growth.


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