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I am sitting in an office in Irvine California looking out at blue sky and warm temperatures. Not quite the holiday feeling that pervaded Vancouver with dark, wet days and many bright lights. The holiday greetings are arriving fast and furious.  A few old-fashioned Christmas cards arrived on my desk from the more traditional companies.  And many emails carrying much the same message. (more…)

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Before we begin tonight’s celebrations, let me pause for a few minutes to wish all, and especially readers of this blog, a happy and productive 2013.  (more…)

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Conforming with tradition, I note here some of the hits & misses of this blog during 2011.  There is nothing scientific in what follows; I write on the basis of my impressions. (more…)

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Enough of Christmas trees; they are everywhere.  Instead, I took a bicycle ride down the beach to see where it all begins and ends.  (more…)

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    New Year’s eve, and as good a time as any to review the past year and the past decade, the first of the twenty-first century.  In the past we would have been at a New Year’s eve party celebrating until midnight with champagne and silver hats & masks.  The young no longer do that as they seem to be mired in domesticity.  (more…)

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The note tacked inside the elevator wishes us all a Safe and Prosperous New Year.   We echo that salutation.  The junior miner I encountered on exiting the elevator said he remains optimistic “for I have no other options.”   And we encourage that way of thinking.

In that vein, here is what one mining company, Silver Falcon Mining Inc.,  plans for 2009:


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