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   I have been entertaining my son and his family in Vancouver this week, so I resort for a blog topic to another of the fascinating e-mails that arrive from various people.  The one I write about came from a fellow who introduces himself thus in his first e-mail to me: (more…)

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    Is the Canadian mining industry loosing the battle of public opinion, and if so, why?

This question is prompted by the news that the president of the Alberta Enterprise Group said “the Alberta government and energy industry must step up their listless defence of the oilsands and better fund their PR battle against environmental groups.”

Meanwhile two hundred delegates convene in Montreal to push for Canadian Federal legislation that would make Canadian mining companies report on their human rights activities in foreign countries.   Mineweb reports that the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada “has urged the foreign Affairs and International Development Committee of the House of Commons to reject the bill they say would harm Canada’s mineral industry and its reputation in less developed nations.”  (more…)

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