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As a result of postings on this blog, I get private emails from people on almost every topic.  Here is one such email that is a cry from the heart, a sad tale, related to mining, and so difficult that I cannot answer it.  I have the sender of the email’s permission to post the following in the hope that somebody, maybe one of the blog’s readers can help. (more…)

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In 2006, before I started this blog, I wrote the piece repeated below.  I post it here today because Judd S. Day, a Managing Scientist with E*ponent Failure Analysis Associates picked up on the article and informed me that the Noranda GECO mine in Ontario has used slushers for most of its existence.  He remarks that they are an impressive piece of equipment.  Thaks for this information Judd.  So here to the original article—and continue on to the Urban Dictionary as linked near the end.  Fun with words. And if you can help explain the migration of slusher as applied in mining to its current urban ues, let us know.  (more…)

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