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Lost loves: those consummated and still loved; those loved but never consummated; those consummated for a fleeting moment that lingers in memories of pleasure; those lost never to return;  until maybe the deathbed?  Or a return from travels east?   How many people can one love in a life-time or even at once?  There are at least two from Quebec. (more…)

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Pluck the fruits of pleasure.  Smoke  a pipe; watch ballet or opera; lay with a lover.  Done all this, this week. (more…)

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Sex.  Love.  Sensuous contact. Opera.  They are all the same.  At least if you get drunk and watch the DVD of the Hunter’s Bride, a movie version of the opera by Carl Maria Von Weber’s opera, namely Der Freischutz. (more…)

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From the sublime to the ridiculous:  from a grungy apartment far east on Kingsway to I Vespri Siciliani.   From the way the poor live to the way the privileged luxuriate. (more…)

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Verdi’s Attila on Bose


Skipped work a little early today and went and bought the Bose Home Theater system: five small speakers, a small subwoofer, and an elegant receiver.  Not cheap, but so good-looking, easy to install, and the sound! (more…)

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The Ring of Fire is a mining district in Northern Ontario.  Stan Sudol who writes the blog Republic of Mining brought to my attention a series of article on his blog about The Ring of Fire. The link provided gets you to more links to a series of articles on the mines and mining potential of The Ring of Fire.  I repeat here the links—I am sure Stan agrees to this and is proud of this exposure of his work: (more…)

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“Here cupid will unfurl his flag”

“For women were born to conquer and rule.”

These are the themes of Matilde Di Shabran, Rossini’s thirty-second opera.  And what an opera! (more…)

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In a liquor superstore on Beach Blvd. in Huntington Beach, I bought a bottle of Jameson Triple Distilled Gold Reserve Irish Whiskey.    The cost was $65.  Expensive by comparison with the other fine liquors in the store.  But unobtainable in Vancouver.  This is liberty: the ability to buy good hooch at low prices.  The essence of America:  a free market unhindered by social mores and the pressures of socialists and dictators of how we live. (more…)

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A late Saturday posting: about the opera just watched on DVD of Pergolesi’s Il Prigionier Superbo.  A lesbian opera in fact, if not by intention! (more…)

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Friday and Saturday were given over to love (some may call it lust and the pleasures of the flesh.)  Sunday was given over to good weather, a long bike ride, opera, and smoking a pipe. The most innocent of these is smoking a pipe.  I first smoked a pipe when I was thirteen or fourteen–I cannot recall which.  We sat behind the shed and puffed the pleasures of tobacco.  I transgressed to cigarettes and cigars, and strong spirits, including brandy and cognac.  (more…)

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