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A story from the mid-1970s.  A story of the early days of Steffen Robertson and Kirsten, now SRK. Soon after joining the company in the first offices in Johannesburg, Oskar Steffen was faced with a problem.  His clients complained that the Steffen Robertson and Kirsten reports were too long and nobody read them.  This was bad news, for we slaved over the reports.  Each was handwritten in pencil or ink and then typed by a bevy of typists.  You had only one or two chances to edit and improve them.  So each was a gem, in our minds, of devoted labor.  The idea that nobody read them was devastating. (more…)

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South African and tailings history are now richer as a result of a new book on Fraser Alexander.  I have managed to obtain an e-copy of the entire book.  I presume I am permitted to send you a copy if you cannot obtain a hard-copy.  I am much indebted to those who arranged for me to get the e-copy.  I will put you in touch with them if you email me. (more…)

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