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Paste 2013 is done.  I am told there were 380 attendees and 28o were turned away as they sought to come too late when all was full.  So a successful conference!  The proceedings is some 700 pages long and my name is amongst the editors.  Indeed I read all the papers, reviewed many, and gave advice on editing of many.  I made mistakes: I allowed some in that should have been elsewhere: I canned some that should have been in.  That is the fate & verdict of a reviewer and editor. (more…)

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Spent time today preparing for an upcoming EduMine webcast.  At this link are the details of the webcast we call Advanced Tailings and Mine Waste Facility Design, Construction, Operation, and Closure. (more…)

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Drive through the wilds of Arizona and New Mexico and see those magnificent red sandstone cliff, standing proud in spite of thousands of years of erosion.   It is one of my favorite sights.  It is spectacular to behold.  It tells me that landscapes can be the same for very long times. (more…)

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