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Too many sub-par publications sprout on about the shortage of experienced engineers in mining.  “They are retiring and will leave the industry bereft,” is what the young journalists write too often. (more…)

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Today it rained in Santiago, Chile.  And it turned cold.  There were hawkers selling umbrellas at the entrance and exit of the metro stations that I use on the way to the office.  They were shouting paraguas and doing a brisk business selling to drenched commuters.  In Vancouver this would hardly qualify as rain, but here after many, long dry days, this is rain to be celebrated and enjoyed with a new paraguas. (more…)

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   On the 31st floor of a Vancouver downtown hotel this afternoon, we attended an open house arranged by Paterson and Cooke.  They presented the opening of their newVancouver office.  And caused me to think a radical thought that I write about here, namely are we entering the era of the end of paste tailings? (more…)

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