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For about ten years until about 2005 I used to attend all the Los Angeles opera productions.  Placido Domingo was, and still is, in charge of the music.  Occasionally he would sing in an opera—what a thrill to see and hear him live.  I vaguely recall that in the program notes, there were news pieces about Domingo’s Dames, a group of women devoted to him and his role in opera.  I cannot establish if this group still exists.  I hope it does. (more…)

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In a word, the Met’s new opera The Enchanted Island is enchanting.  We saw it today on the big screen at the Coquitlam movie house.  The audience gasped and clapped in emotional response.  I am almost convinced that watching opera in a comfortable movie house, at reasonable price, and with popcorn at interval, is the best way to listen and see; so close up that all the acting is right in front of you.  I could never afford tickets to sit close enough in the opera house to enjoy the acting.  And the sound is overwhelming.  Plus the audience is immediate and grateful. (more…)

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