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Here is a fascinating interaction on Taskeo’s Prosperity Mine.  I repeat in full from an e-mail from MiningWatch.  I trust they are OK with this.  (more…)

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The Potash Corporation which BHP Billiton is trying to buy is 51 percent owned by Americans.  OK, 49 percent is owned by Canadians.  Some say current control of the company is by the Chicago mafia.  No wonder BHP cannot prevail.  (more…)

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   If you live in British Columbia you probably know about the Federal Government’s refusal to allow Taseko’s Prosperity Mine to proceed.  The reason: the mine would impact fish as a result of the use of Fish Lake for the mine tailings.  The British Columbia provincial government had approved the mine; but the Federal government which deals with fish across the country, declined to allow the mine to proceed.   Opposition by local First Nations no doubt played a significant part in the decision.   (more…)

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