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This week I had reason to go back and re-read three papers I co-authored in the early 1980s.  It is surprising how far advanced we were then, and how little things have changed, or how little of what did has become standard practice. The first paper is at this link.  Rick Call was the lead on the work we describe in this paper.  He was a large buff man, with an enormous beard, a perpetual pipe, and a totally irreverent attitude towards authority.  He sent Ned Larson and me to Texas, where we sweated through the heat to get the data.  Then back to Tucson to do the calculations.  I recently reconnected with Ned who is now in Las Vegas and the grandfather of sixteen grandchildren.  He is still with the U.S. Department of Energy which he joined after working with me for five years on the UMTRA Project in Albuquerque.  He is a great engineer, as was Rick. (more…)

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Rummaging around in old papers this past week, I came across the yellowing paper of a type-writer-typed paper from 1982.   I think I went to Edmonton to present the paper at the 4th Open Pit Operators Conference.    I vaguely recall a small city perched on the edge of a river—not at all like the city now that it has spread across vast swaths of open country that was once field and nature. (more…)

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   I have leveled my fair share of criticism at peer reviewers.  I have leveled my fair share of criticism at technical editors.  I have fooled many a peer reviewer whose ego was bigger than their intellect.  I have never slipped a bad sentence past a technical editor.  Although some have said my prose is uneditable–too blunt, they say.  (more…)

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