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Woke up late this morning after twelve hours sleep—seems the older I get the more I want to sleep.  Maybe it is old age or maybe riding my bicycle to work tires out the old body.  Or maybe there is something breaking down inside that the doctors cannot discern. (more…)

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There is much talk these days about how high tailings facilities are being designed and constructed.  Short-term memories at work.  In 1980, I designed and permitted a tailings facility to 1,000-ft high.  It never got built.  But here is its story, nevertheless. (more…)

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The Mineral Exploration RoundUp09 began this morning at the Bayshore Inn, Vancouver.  On a clear, cold day, surrounded by opulent yachts, 4,000 people with an interest in mineral exploration in Canada and Alaska gathered to see, hear, and deliberate.  And hopefully find a way out of the current economic crisis. 


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