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I have always been fascinated by the role mining played in the glory that was Athens and hence the whole western world we enjoy.  I only wish somebody would write an intense history of Athens focussed on the mining and the role it played in the rise and fall of Athens.Sadly, most commenters end back up saying mine responsibly.   Vague and hard to do. (more…)

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Late Saturday and I am browsing the internet.   Here is an amazing report that I chanced on.

It deals with the Rosemont copper project to-be in Arizona. It is called the Infiltration, Seepage, Fate and Transport Modeling Report.

It is more than 400 pages long, so download it and read it, and wonder at the cost to produce.  Should we be doing this for all mines?

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I have just added another blog to my blogroll–see list to the right of the page for Strings, Connections, Links.  It is not a blog about mining per se.  But many of the postings are of interest to the miner concerned with project management, the environment, sustainability, the built environment and a host of other eclectic topics.  The site came to my attention when the blog author, Andrew Abernathy sent me a comment on some postings on this blog.  Here is what he wrote (I repeat with his permission and some editing to protect the innocent.)  (more…)

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Integral to any new mine or expansion of a mine is the preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).  If you seek to significantly expand the mine’s tailings, waste rock, or heap leach facilities, you may have to prepare a new or supplemental EIA.   Here are references to and extacts from some documents that we recently collected from the web.  I do not provide links—you can easiy find them via a Google search if you are inteested. (more…)

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The cost to attend the South African Mining Indaba was R12,000.  So there was another meeting called Alternative Mining Indaba.  A report on that conference is at this link.  The report is long and convoluted.  I have difficulty in working out what their point is, but it is something to do with ethical mining.  A quote: (more…)

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A week of wonders.  Here are some: (more…)

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Always on the lookout for strange and unusual happening in mining?  Here is one from Arizona that caught my attention as I browsed through the blogs that mention mining.  Seems the post of State Mining Inspector is on the ballot and, as you would expect, there is a challenger to the incumbent.   (more…)

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