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I never, well hardly ever, post the writings of others on this blog. Except when I quote whole scale from a report I like. (more…)

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Some folk at work did something stupid the other day at a mine site.  Wondering unaccompanied around the site, they espied a pool of orange water.  On the lookout for signs of acid drainage, they rushed to the pool to get a sample.  They failed to notice that the pool was at the bottom of a large, deep excavation subtended by steep slopes of uncompacted sand and above which was another pool of clear water. (more…)

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I have just downloaded and browsed through the ICMM Health and Safety Conference Report.    I am impressed by the report and like the format: basically prepare a report on the conference after the conference.  This provides an opportunity to collate ideas, themes, and opportunities to improve.  It makes it possible to keep abreast without having to plough through detailed, too-often badly written papers.  And it makes it possible to let important people speak and make presentations without preparing a paper without the rest of us loosing the opportunity to learn from them.  I applaud this practice and encourage others to do the same.  (more…)

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A miner who believes he rightfully blew the whistle on his employers is now the center of a nasty litigation marathon—see this link.  A part of the story says this: (more…)

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Many miners go to Santiago, Chile to do mining.  The country is mining boom country.  Their engineers are skilled and able.  Yet they need augmentation by international mining folk.  Reasons include: too few engineers; a search for new ideas; international perspective; and mine ownership by foreign mining companies footing the bill and hence wanting control. (more…)

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CORESafety is a a new way of addressing mine safety.  Go to the site at this link.  Follow through the site and the modules and you get a simple, yet powerful lesson in mine safety.  (more…)

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Today we were contacted by a vendor who came looking for our opinion on his product, and whether we thought it would be of use in the mining industry. Sometimes it can be easy to discern whether something will have any value to a miner, yes or no, quite simple. Other times it can be more difficult, and you wonder if hindsight will render its use obvious and maybe you deserve a bit of a kicking for being so closed minded. (more…)

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