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The final day of the conference Paste 2014 in Vancouver today.  The keynote was about filter pressed tailings management at Pogo in Alaska.  Too complex to blog about, but worth reading the paper and looking at the PowerPoint presentation when they available on InfoMine. (more…)

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I have no data to support the opinions I write of in this posting.  So please do your own research before deciding, panicking, or acting on anything said below. Today I was outside smoking in the damp rain when my smoking companion said that he had just surveyed the salaries of mining geoscientists (geologists and geotechnical engineers).  He noted that it appears that salaries for such folk are, on average, higher in Canada than in the USA. (more…)

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I  received the CostMine U.S. Metal & Industrial Minerals Mine Salaries, Wages & Benefits, 2013 Survey Results a month or two back.  Now is time to get down to blog about some of the salaries.  All figures are in thousands of US dollars per year.  First some averages for all mines in the USA: (more…)

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Here above from a recent publication, 2013 Status of Recent Geosciences Graduates,  from the American Geosciences Institute are salaries of recent geosciences graduates.  Sorry the quality is poor.  Please refer to the original report at the link provided.  A flyer in my email notes this about the salaries of recent geoscience graduates: (more…)

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More from the CostMine 2013 Survey of Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits.  This time we look at the annual salaries (in thousands of Canadian $) for mainly engineering types in Canadian mines.   Some country-wide averages:


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Here from the CostMine  2013 Survey Results Canadian Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits are the 2012 incomes of some executives of Canadian junior mining companies.  These numbers are not intended to inspire sympathy for those who run junior mining companies, regardless of the endless stream of bad news we read that such companies are on their knees, short of funds, going out of business, and in a generally bad shape.  These are impressive incomes.  So here a few: (more…)

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Just arrived on my desk is the CostMine Mexican Mine Wages, Salaries & Benefits 2013 Survey Results.  This sixty-two page document is chock-full of data on wages and salaries at Mexican mines.  I recommend that you and your company or union get a copy and compare your income to the ranges and averages documented here.  (more…)

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Based on data from 120 U.S. metal and industrial mineral mines, CostMine’s new 2012 Survey Results U.S. Metal and Industrial Mineral Mine Salaries, Wages and Benefits provide lots of data about wages for miners in the United States.  The full survey is available from CostMine.  With their permission, I note some wages in this posting.  The facts I provide are selected on the basis of my personal interests and quirks—no system , rime, or reason here.  (more…)

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In the mid-fifties, gold cost $35 an ounce.  My father, a mine captain, earned a hundred and fifty pounds a month.  I cannot be sure of the exchange rate.  Vaguely I recall that a pound was about two dollars.  So let us say he earned about ten ounces of gold a month or about one hundred ounces of gold a year.

With gold at about $1,700 an ounce these days, a hundred-ounce-a-year salary is about $170,000.   How many miners these days earn that sum?  Truth is not many from what I can see.  You have to be pretty senior to earn that salary–but then my father was relatively senior.

These gold-price to salary comparisons are prompted by a fun article in Commodity HQ at this link.  Surprising how little an ounce of gold buys these days.  I know that I spend the equivalent of an ounce of gold each month on books, CDs, DVDs, and other indulgences, vices, and diversions.  What gold-percent of your income goes on pure pleasure?

Which makes me wonder if mining salaries and the price of gold have advanced in lock-step with the price of gold — or have salaries fallen behind?  Is there a correlation?  I have done no research for this posting.  I leave that to those with a greater eye for the detail of the price of gold.  And I would appreciate your take on the correlation of the gold price and mining salaries.

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Henri Matisse (French, 1869-1954) The Dance 1910[1]

Here from the new CostMine 2012 Survey of African Mine Salaries are some figures for those working on mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo — the first set of numbers are the range of salaries, the second is the average, and the third is the number of years of experience of those reporting salaries.  (more…)

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