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The very southern tip of Los Angeles is San Pedro, the area around the LA Harbor.  Here are some photos that I took yesterday while we spent the day cycling around and lazing on my daughter’s boat.


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These are the aquariums that I recommend you take your kids to visit: 

  • In Stanley Park in Vancouver is a large aquarium that specializes in the British Columbia Coast.
  • In Chicago near the lake is a huge aquarium that is always abuzz with kids.
  • Long Beach, California has the newest aquarium with whale skeletons spanning the entire structure.
  • Monterey, just south of San Francisco and a block down from Cannery Row has the best display ever of jelly fish.
  • San Pedro is my favorite.  It is small and parochial. Informal and untidy.  It is somewhere on a forgotten beach on the Palos Verde peninsular south of Los Angeles, if you can find it.  (more…)

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To save old mines for tourism or to reopen them for profit?  That is the question.  And like any dream of riches, there is always the possibility of a nightmare. 

A site new to me, Mining Companies Exploration and Mining Investment News carries a fine article that highlights the dilemma of maintaining old mines as tourist attractions versus mining the resources left behind by the old miners.  The article is Mining Companies Race to Reopen Old Mexican Mines.

In relatively unemotional prose, we are told of the conflict between those who live and dream of the past and those who look forward to development:  The conflict, as always, is rooted in the quick, here and now, new job, and the dream of a sleepy town grown rich off unidentified tourists.   But, as they note:

In the race between mining — which offers quick investments and lots of blue-collar jobs — and the slow, arduous task of luring tourism, mining often wins.


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