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Or you could title this post:  “Mine or be a Slave.” The images in this post are disturbing.  That is intentional.  I seek to be as provocative as ever I have been.  So read on and let us fight over this idea.  The idea that if you do not mine, you become somebody else’s slave. I am prompted to write this by some reports today.  The first is this from the National Mining Association: (more…)

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Environmental disaster looms in after tailings failure

Barely another day, and another failure of a tailings dam.  And a slew of denials and lies from those responsible.  Here is part of the longest report I can find on the incident: (more…)

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gold- stack of bars

The Huffington Post was sold this week for millions.  For years I have dipped into it occasionally for a balance on the news.  I even fought the folk here at InfoMine telling them the format is attractive and easy to use.  At last this advice is getting implemented–but only partially. (more…)

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     Let us bring crashing down another of those myths: the ancient Greeks were nice folk.  Seems they got most of the money to support their poetry, philosophy, development of “democracy,” and sundry other habits from mining.   It appears that ancient Greece was a society founded on mining, and the money from mining supported a small upper class that had time and slaves to sit around thinking, talking, writing, and leaving a legacy to impress future generations.   Certainly, I like many others, was taught of the glories of the Greeks in literature, theater, and  learning.  Nobody ever told me this was made possible by large-scale mining. (more…)

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Not for your glory, but for your countrymen.  Let the circle be drawn.  For in the circle sleep Brunhilde and Douglas B. Silver.  And around the circle pace Aslan, Wotan, and Dumbledore.  (more…)

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Will 2009 be the year that I finally break down and buy a gold bar?  Maybe I should seek out a Kruger Rand?  Or should I simply stick to gold mining stocks? 

True, gold is the only metal that increased in value in 2008:

Gold closed the year at $865 an ounce in London as the LBMA announced its final fixing,  It opened the year at $840.75.  Thus the yellow metal recorded an increase of around 3 percent in a year where global stock fell by over 40 percent on average, confirming gold’s status as at least a store of wealth in troubled times.


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