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Flexible Evaporation Solutions

Walked around the exhibit hall at the Denver SME convention.  Chatted to old friends and met new people–and learnt of new products. Suddenly my mind was cast back to my days as a kid on the East Geduld Mine in South Africa where we grew up.  The area was arid; there were no natural water bodies within two-hundred miles.  One of our favorite places was the mine’s evaporation ponds.  On our rickety bicycles we would break through the flimsy security gate and spend hours around the ponds.  They were magic: a wonderland of color and water.  Better than those fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. (more…)

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The snow blanketed us today as the Denver Society of Mining Engineers convention begun.  Yet it is warm enough to walk through the snow in shirt sleeves.  Typical Denver in winter/spring. Yesterday I attended the short course on Seismic Engineering for Tailings Dams.  It was well-attended and featured magnificent speakers who brought us up-to-date with current practice in predicting earthquakes and analyzing their impact on mine tailings dams.   Of course there was discussion of predicting the maximum credible earthquake, which Jonathan Bray says we are doing it wrong.  Contact me if you want the details. (more…)

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Here is an announcement from International Minings (John Chadwick et al).  It seems so worthy an undertaking, that I repeat in full as the announcment came to me.  Maybe you can make your nominations for induction of great mining folk into the Hall of fame.  (more…)

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The original of the above figure is available at http://xkcd.com/1007/

The Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) has just sent me the preliminary program for the May 6 to 9 conference in Edmonton.  Here are the papers on sustainable mining: (more…)

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Sitting in the 8:30pm sun of Fort McMurray reading e-mails, I saw this one from my son, who is in the U.S. Navy station in the Pentagon in Washington, DC–he states:  “Interesting…maybe it will change the course and purpose of the war!”  (more…)

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    Give or take a few weeks and a few postings, this blog, I THINK MINING, has been “on the air” for about three years and I have written over one thousand postings on almost every topic touching mining.  (more…)

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  The American Society of Engineers (SME) has a fantastic site called One Mine.  This is a collection of technical papers mostly on mining.  (more…)

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