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The four pillars of the economy of British Columbia are forestry, fishing, farming, and mining.  At least according to the paintings in the hall of the BC government building that we visited on Wednesday.  With very old friends from South Africa we took the ferry across to Victoria and visited the parliament buildings. Then to the museum for a day filled with visual delights and obscure facts.  (more…)

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Yesterday I lunched with three young engineers.  Two have master’s degrees and the third is well on his way.  Food was ususal Vancouver fare for hungry men: bento box filled with rice, sushi, tempura, and meat in deep, dark sauce. (more…)

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A light drizzle, the rush of Japanese food, and mining friends at lunch.  Almost enough to dispel fall gloom and its election results and predictions.  

Until an insighful friend remarked that one of the worst consequences for mining will be the closing and demise of so many small, marginal mines and junior mining companies. 

The well-invested investor retorted that they needed to be flushed out so the system can recover and be normal again. 

The insightful friend persisted that many a small mine will now be moth-balled, put on stand-by status, maintained, or simply abandoned. 

“What’s wrong with that?” the well-heeled questioned.

“The newly-shut-down mines will bear witness to the need to close them; to draw on closure bonds that may be lodged with AIG; the taxpayer will realize they are on the hook for the closure cost of mines left by small Canadian companies now renegotiating their leases in downtown Vancouver.”


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