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If you read this blog, you will know that in the past four or so years, I have visited the Marlin and Escobal Mines in Guatemala many times.   (Do a search with these key words in the box at top-right to get all I have written about these visits.) (more…)

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Brief news reports and an announcement by Tahoe Resources indicate that three were killed in an attack on the Escobal Mine in Guatemala.  The local Spanish-language newspaper, El Metropolitano,  has a front-page headline  “Terrorism in San Rafael Las Flores.”  San Rafael Las Flores is the local town where most locals working on the mine live. (more…)

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Totalmining at this link has a new e-book that you can download on the 9 Most Controversial Mining Companies.  Here is the list: (more…)

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That venerable firm, Ernst & Young have just issued their latest, Business Risks Facing Mining and Metal 2012-2013.  It is worth looking at their site at this link and downloading the report’s Executive Summary.  To whet your appetite, here is the number one risk they write about, namely Resource Nationalism: (more…)

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