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Most engineers have no idea what the strength of a soil or tailings implies.  Let me write a little about the physicality of soil and tailings of a given strength. (more…)

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The promise of results from risk assessments is as seductive as the picture above.  The results are as fuzzy and fantasy-based as the picture above.  But doing risk assessments is as much fun as it would be to be a participant in the scene above.  Let me explain. (more…)

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Here is how one source describes the spill:

About 100 employees and contractors working for Sherritt [International Mine] are at the site trying to determine how a wall in the containment pond was breached, propelling a plume of clay, coal dust, dirt, sandstone and shale through two creeks and into the Athabasca River. The company couldn’t say Monday when the walls were last inspected. (more…)

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You remember Jill.  She is the philosophy major who is employed by an innovative mining company, MMC, to oversee risk management of the mining company’s geowaste facilities including the tailings, waste rock, and heap leach facilities. (more…)

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A new mine is about to start production.  Consultants have swarmed the place, characterizing the site, designing facilities, and doing project & construction management.  Now the miners want to take over–afterall this is the way of mines and the only way to make a profit–get the consultants & construction managers with their high fees off the site. (more…)

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Here are two true stories that illustrate the dangers of setting limits on the accuracy of information, design detail, and cost estimates in the prefeasibility and feasibility phases of mine development. These two stories focus on tailings disposal.  Traditionally, the issue of tailings disposal have played but a small part in prefeasibility and feasibility studies.  The conventional wisdom (assumption) has been that there is always a place for the tailings and the costs are but a small part of the mine—hence pay no particular attention to them in deciding if the mine is feasible. (more…)

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Today the issue of the cost of tailings management arose yet again.  I have previously blogged on this topic–see this posting, also repeated below if you choose not to redirect.  Today in this posting, I repeat two of the answers I received from people who may know.  Contact me if you seek their names.  Here is the first answer to my queries: (more…)

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A new EduMine course in Spanish is up.  It is a translation of my English course on Tailings Facility Design, Construction, Operation, and Closure.  I must thank Goldcorp who sponsered the translation. In Spanish this is Diseño, operación y cierre de tranques de relaves.  You will find it at this link.  Here, in Spanish, are the people for whom this course is written: (more…)

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Paste 2013 is done.  I am told there were 380 attendees and 28o were turned away as they sought to come too late when all was full.  So a successful conference!  The proceedings is some 700 pages long and my name is amongst the editors.  Indeed I read all the papers, reviewed many, and gave advice on editing of many.  I made mistakes: I allowed some in that should have been elsewhere: I canned some that should have been in.  That is the fate & verdict of a reviewer and editor. (more…)

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Professor Jere Jennings who taught so many of us now-old civil engineers in mining used to say: “When you have read everything there is to read, when you have done all the calculations possible, then drink a bottle of brandy and exercise engineering judgement.” (more…)

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