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As a US taxpayer I am at loss to understand how $1 million dollars can be sent to Peru to deal with illegal mining.  Here is a link to one report on the US taxpayer-funded largesse.  The report notes:

The U.S. Department of State awarded US$1 million to the Blacksmith Institute to work with Peru’s Ministry of Environment (Minam) to reduce the use of mercury and design remediation plans in Madre de Dios and Puno, it was announced today.

The United States believes it is crucial to support the Peruvian government strategy to combat illegal mining and reduce mercury use in artisanal and small-scale gold mining.

Where is the Tea Party when we need them?   Have they nothing to say about this blatant waste of money to support a lousy government unable to manage it own affairs?  The only explanation I can come up with is that somebody related to somebody or indebted to somebody has managed to arrange this and is being paid a considerable percentage of the funds.  Smells rank & corrupt to me. (more…)

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Those demonstrators who are destroying the grass to the north of the Vanouver Art Galley  probably never have  seen an opera.  The probably regard opera as a pastime of the rich.  Maybe they should watch Don Pasquale and learn that there have always been the rich, the poor, the lazy, the parasites, and the ambitious. (more…)

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The Canadian political scene is abuzz with attacks on a minister of the Federal Government.  She apparently uttered “mistruths” about inserting the word “not” into a recommendation that a so-called religious group by the name of KAIROS be granted government money to continue their work.  (more…)

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Here is a picture of a house that I bought in Westdene, a suburb to the west of Johannesburg, in 1973.  I paid all of R10,000 for that house.  Over the years, I extended the house and did significant renovations.  When we left and sold the house in 1980, we got all of R45,000.  That money translated into about $55,000 Canadian dollars.   When I took this picture, earlier this year the house was again on the market for R1.3 million.  At the current exchange rate that is about $200,000 Canadian dollars.  (more…)

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  We all hate taxes.  The Tea Party Candidates are winning primaries all over the USA–primarily driven by tax hate.  Recall the fall of the Australian PM over the issue of mining taxes! (more…)

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